Friday, March 2, 2007

It's all in the details....

I hated Dickens when I read him back in High School. Too much description - get to the action please.... I like authors that sprinkle those odd and occasional details that allow you to build an image of a place or person, without having to know their cholesterol count. I read because I want to put myself within that novel and live along side the characters. I do that best when I'm given a telling detail - a kernal of information that I can build off of. I like to "fill in the blanks" with my own thoughts.

I was recently back on one of my favorite islands - Cozumel - at one of my favorite bars - Mescalitos - having one of their deadly hand grenade size margaritas and I found this "shrine."

I took the above photograph there as the image evoked a story for me - this sad little shrine of lost children's shoes and miscellanous debris. And if you've read the first chapter of my book, you will know why I had to take this photo. Note the "telling detail" on the stick in the upper left quarter of the photo. It's images like this that you - as the reader - can build a story around.

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