Monday, August 27, 2007

You talkin' to me?

Last night I found myself writing a particularly violent scene in book #2 of the Phil Riley Novels and I confess, it made me a bit queasy. Geez, I'm kinda getting into this, I found myself thinking. Method acting for actors is a commonly accepted approach to "getting into a character's head" - why shouldn't it be the same for writers? I don' recall Robert DiNero donning a Mohawk and gunning down pimps. I think that would have made the papers. So clearly, playing Travis Bickle hasn't had a lasting impact on his psyche. Maybe I'll be okay then, huh? Maybe I won't become a psychopathic killer like the characters in my novels, huh? But what does it mean if I don't mind writing violent scenes?

You talkin' to me?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rain, rain, go away...

It's been raining a fair amount lately. Nothing like what's been hitting Middle America or my friends down on the Yucatan and the Caribbean, but a nice steady rain with an occasional downpour. For me, this kind of rain is a meditative thing. It makes me drowsy to the point where I only have the energy to take a nap. Tough to get out of bed in the morning when the skies are gray.

But there is something magical about being on the water in a rain shower. It seems to quiet everything - it's a hush thrown over the proceedings. Sure, if you are clipping along, the rain can be like pin pricks to the face, but overall, there is a solemnity to the whole thing. You feel like you are part of something larger than yourself. You feel contected to the rhythms of the world as only a boat on big water can. You slip and slide with the water. You are embraced by water. You have become one with the water.

These are the things I think about while I lay in bed trying to find the will to get up on a rainy day. But then my wife turns off the shower and that's my cue to throw away the covers and take the helm of a new day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Books and Pie....

....two of my favorite things....
Had a signing at my local bookstore Back to Books this last weekend. Had a great time! Ate some KeyLime Pie from one of my favorite local restaurants (they play Buffett tunes!), munched a few cookies, signed a couple books and chatted with folks I haven't seen in some time - or have never met. Always good to come out from behind the computer and chat with the readers of the work you've toiled over.
The folks as BtB do a great job and their creaky floored store is a treasure to browse. Diane and Miah and the rest of the crew have a keen eye for talented authors (thus my appearance of course) and have a hellava regional section. You should be able to find something that interests you. And if you are picky, they can order anything you want - if it's still in print that is.
Thanks to everyone that came out - and a special thank you to the crew at Back to Books!