Monday, October 22, 2007

Wonder why we ever go home....

Photo Credit Don Reiland

River gets deeper not shallow,
the further you move down the stream.
Wonderin'if I can keep her as I
race to keep up with my dreams.
How they shine and glitter and gleam.
-Jimmy Buffett

I'm off to do a little research. Yeah, that's what I call it and everyone just smiles and gives me a wink. I guess I would too if I was on the other side the conversation. See, I write about a guy that lives in the Caribbean so I need, on occasion, to travel to the Caribbean to do "research." Me and and a couple of friends are going sailing in the British Virgin Islands.

Photo Credit Don Reiland
Should be plenty of opportunity to do some research on how the sun feels, how the water glistens, how the rum tastes. The Caribbean is why I write. To say the Caribbean is my muse is a bit pretentious, but there, I've said it. I write about the Caribbean because it's in my soul and it gives me life. And as I move down this stream of life, chasing those glittering dreams, I need a
little time with my girl. So if you need me next week, give a call to the Foxy's and leave a message. I'll get back to ya....

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Sean Chercover said...

Why, oh why, was I not smart enough to set my series in the Caribbean??

Have fun with your "research" Mark. I'll be here "researching" plummeting temperatures in Chicago.

See you in Muskego!