Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here fishy, fishy

It's finally warming up and I find myself thinking about hitting the streams.  I went out the other day and scouting a couple favorite spots and the streams are looking pretty quick and muddy.  Not the best conditions to fish in.  But you can't catch a fish unless you wet your line so I think I'll dig around in the storage room and see if I can find that fly rod and try a little early season trout fishing.  Fishing in muddy, quick water is kinda like living now days.  You know that your luck needs to be pretty good to catch anything.  The waters are murky and quick, but you can't catch a fish unless you wet your line.  Soon here, the waters will recede, the waters will become more clear, and that trout will rise to your fly.  So keep wetting those lines kiddies.

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