Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What face today?

I'm writing the follow-up to "Wrecked" and I always start with a theme when I begin a project. For "Wrecked" the theme was seeing what you wanted to see based some event in your life. That and the animal nature of man and his ability to inflict cruelty upon others. I guess I haven't said enough on the latter because that's what Book 2 is all about. The duality of man's personality - his ability for kindness and his ability to be cruel. You see it everyday. Hell, I do it everyday. I open a door for an elderly lady and I yell at a guy that is moving too slow on the interstate. I guess we all wear different faces at different times of the day - and at different times of our lives. I wonder what face I wear the most? I wonder what others think about my many faces? I wonder if I'll ever be enlightened enough to only wear the gentle face?

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