Thursday, May 3, 2007

The first print review....

The other day my publicist showed me my first review of "Wrecked." I was a little nervous when he said he had a review for me - you never know how people are going to react to your work. I've had several people read my writing before - and they've never been shy with their comments - but this was different. Having someone outside your circle commenting on your writing is completely different than the people you know and hand pick to read your work. This is putting it out there.
But this is why writers write. To see the reactions of others when they read the words you put on the page. It's actually a great honor - having someone take their valuable time to read something that you cooked up. You hope you've done a decent enough job not to have completely wasted their time. Because in the end, I'm a story teller. And if I've bored you - if I've not entertained you - then I've done you a great disservice. I have failed you.
So in the end, reviews aren't really about me. They are about the reader. Because as a storyteller, it's the reader I serve.

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