Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blowing Bubbles....

Photo Courtesy of Superior Trips
I don't do as much cold water diving as I used to. I guess I've gotten a bit lazy as I've grown older - it's a lot easier rolling off a boat into 80 degree water than it is 39 degree water and I'm sure that has something to do with it. But I'm in the middle of writing the follow-up to "Wrecked" and there is, of course, some diving going on in this one too. And this time, some of the diving is done in the Great Lakes.
I've made many a dive in Lake Superior and I'm looking back on those dives as inspiration for these scenes. Some of the best diving I've ever done was around Isle Royale out in middle of Lake Superior. And one of my favorite dives is on the wreck of the Emperor. It's a spooky feeling dropping through that green haze and having that big ship open up before your eyes. She's a bit banged up now, but there is still a significant amount to see on her - especially if you poke around in the engine room.
All this reminiscing has got me wondering where my dry suit is and whether Ken's got an empty spot on a spring charter.....

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